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Weibo is one of China’s most popular social media platforms. It functions similarly to Twitter. As of 2015 Weibo has over 222 million users with 100 million active daily users. Catering to a broad range of consumer demographics, Weibo should factor into every Chinese digital marketing campaign.

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Weibo In Detail

“Weibo” is the Chinese word for microblog. It is used by well over 30% of Chinese internet users, with a market penetration similar to that of Twitter in the United States. Since its founding, Weibo has developed along different lines than Twitter, eschewing simplicity for integrations and other features that make it look like a strange Twitter-Facebook-Myspace hybrid. And, unlike Twitter, Weibo’s monetization model focuses on ‘Key Opinion Leaders’ (KOLs) as opposed to paid advertising. Nonetheless, marketing on Weibo can be an enjoyable and profitable endeavor for a company just entering the Chinese market.

3 Things For Marketers To Know About Weibo

Weibo Marketing Is Content Marketing

There are no targeted advertisements that appear outside of each user’s newsfeed. Like Twitter, all messages, stories, and other content, including ads, appear in-stream. This means that all marketing on Weibo effectively becomes ‘content marketing’.

Fensi Tong — Weibo’s Advertising Product

Fensi Tong has two pricing models: Your first option is to pay per impression (per 1000 impressions, to be precise). Your second option is to pay per ‘interaction’. Since all ads on Weibo are content, interactions include not only clicks, but also a forwards (think: retweet), as well as follows and when users ‘save the ad for later. Similar to Google AdWords, the price you pay per interaction is determined by a bidding system.

Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs)

Weibo’s primary advertising model is based around Key Opinion Leaders. These are individuals who have millions of followers. You can reach out to KOLs and monetize their streams. As this is by far the best way to build your brand on Weibo, it is essential to identify the KOLs in the demographics you want to reach and to build long-term relationships with them.

Weibo as a Marketing Channel

Success on Weibo = Connecting With Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs)

Build deep relationships with the KOLs who are interested in what your company is doing. By definition they have huge followings and make posts of a consistently high quality. KOLs are well-known in the real world, using their own identities. KOL accounts are are marked with a capital ‘V’. Different colors indicate different account types. Orange means individual user while blue stands for group — e.g. companies, organizations, and media. Users must apply to become KOLs. They must have a certain (high) number of followers as well as meet other criteria like employment and post quality. As your firm’s standing on Weibo grows, you can become a KOL yourself, making it that much easier for you to build relationships with other KOLs. As your brand grows, the cost of connecting with other KOLs may decrease.

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Current Top KOLs:

Account Registration

Official business accounts must go through an official verification process. Our Beijing staff members can help you with this step.

Audience Analysis

Who is your target audience in China? How do you reach them? We are here to help you answer these questions.

KOL Engagement

Who are the KOLs you want on your side? We can help you identify, connect with, and build lasting relationships with them.

Follower Interaction

We have dedicated account managers who can manage the official Weibo account and turn leads into conversions.