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WeChat is one of the most prominent and most popular mobile apps in China. At its core, WeChat is a messaging app. But it offers a wide variety of other features that have turned it into more of a social network. These features include: texting, voice messaging, phone calls, picture and video sharing, money transfer, ordering food, and playing games.


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WeChat In Detail

As of February 2016, 800 million people have WeChat accounts. 570 million of them are active daily users. Half of all active users are between 20 and 29 years old. If you want your move into China to be successful you should seriously consider marketing and advertising on WeChat.

Like most other social networks, WeChat’s business model is centered on marketing and advertising. The app offers businesses a number of ways to get their brand and products in front of users in ways that seamlessly integrate with other user-generated content.
4 WeChat Offerings To Know

Official Accounts

WeChat allows companies to set up official accounts, which come in two flavors: service accounts and subscription accounts. Service accounts appear to users as friends but cap the number of messages you can send to your followers to 1 per week. Subscription accounts are stacked into a specific folder and can send 1 message per day. All official accounts have advanced features including mobile sites, games, and customized menus.


Akin to Facebook’s news feed, Moments allow brands to broadcast messages to their followers and other interested users in a way that integrates seamlessly with other user-generated content.


A simple but powerful new feature, Wallet allows users to make purchases directly within the WeChat app. (Did we mention you can set up your own store in WeChat?) This enables a seamless customer experience in viewing content to purchasing product.

Location Services

For businesses that would like to open consumer-facing brick-and-mortar locations in China, WeChat allows users to find shops, restaurants, cafes, and other service providers in their area. Businesses can pay to have their location featured to nearby users.

How To Succeed At WeChat

How To Succeed At WeChat

The fundamental difference between WeChat and other social platforms is the focus on 1-on-1 promotion. While other channels are more or less “broadcasting” the message to a large audience, WeChat at its core is a messaging app, and hence companies / accounts / users emphasize and encourage 1-on-1 interaction. This creates a virtuous cycle of 1-on-1 engagement between companies and users. Subsequently, successful WeChat marketing is all about interactivity. Tailor your content to the interests of your audience in a way that is directly relevant to their every day life. Then, given them an action item that is quick, easy, and rewarding. Reward customer interactivity with feedback and promotions. Develop a long-term relationship with your customers. By understanding WeChat’s messaging core, you set yourself for success.

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How Can We Help

Account Registration

Signing up for a commercial WeChat account is challenging if you do not have the proper Chinese documents (e.g. ID verification, Chinese cell phone, business license). We can help every step of the way.

Audience Analysis

Who is your target audience? And how do you reach them from the comfort of your office? We can provide market research and demographic deep dives to find the right customers for your product.

Account Management

Not in the same time zone or don’t have contacts in China? Let our experienced staff handle your official accounts and customer inquiries, to effectively monetize your marketing effort.

Integrated Content

Let us manage the entire content marketing process: create content based on competitive analysis, distribute content via localized channels, and optimize new content with customer feedback.