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Marketing Strategy


A strong marketing strategy is key to increasing sales and achieving a sustainable competitive advantage in China. Effective marketing is as much about knowing your customer as it is about your product. So, when you are ready to introduce your products to new customers in the Chinese market it is critical to build a solid foundation for marketing success.

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Marketing Strategy In Detail

A strong marketing strategy is comprehensive.

It starts with a thoughtful analysis of your company’s marketing objectives – in terms of sales, brand recognition, market penetration, and even new product development based on customer feedback. Next, your marketing strategy becomes a roadmap for your firm’s move into the Chinese market. It is time to formulate a step by step strategy based on your company’s goals, your resources, and your affinity of the Chinese market. Lastly, a successful marketing strategy is about iterative design and refinement. When your campaign in China is complete, whatever the outcome, it will be time for thoughtful analysis of what went right and what went wrong, allowing your firm to move forward and reach new heights in the Chinese market.

4 Pillars Of A Strong Marketing Strategy For Foreign Markets

Know Your Goals

Without a clear vision how will your move into China be successful? How would you know if you are successful? When entering a new foreign market, it is doubly important to set goals based not only on your own vision but also based on expert knowledge of the market you will be entering. What may be easy in Western markets may be tricky in China. Conversely, what you may have thought impossible domestically might be within your grasp in China.

Know Your Customer

The perception of your Chinese customers (not your products) will determine the success of your campaign. Whether you are selling to consumers or to businesses, putting time and energy in better understanding the Chinese mindset is never a bad investment. Especially when entering a foreign market for the first time, you should build a marketing strategy that incorporates input from on-the-ground experts to make the most of your marketing dollars.

Know Your Tools

Content creation, visual design, localization, translation, digital media schedulers, printing, event planning and coordination, social media, SEO, Baidu SEO, WeChat, Weibo… the list goes on. There are a lot of tools out there — many of which are unique to the Chinese market. You will not need all of them, all of the time. To not get lost in this new Chinese marketing sphere, having knowledge of the right tools for the right job is a key criteria to success.

Know Your Plan

A robust marketing strategy always includes a marketing campaign — a timeline of events and milestones, from pre-planning and production, through execution, and on to after-action reporting and analytics. You will want to know from the start what your plan is, including how parallel elements integrate with one another, and how subsequent media events build on one another to drive your brand forward.

Your Chinese Marketing Strategy

3 Keys To Effective Execution

Building Credibility

A well-executed marketing strategy for China is about building trust. You know what you want to say with your marketing campaign. Make sure you can say it in a way that is genuine and credible to the Chinese audience.

Localize Your Advantage

Thousands of new brands and businesses are establishing themselves in the Chinese market every week. Stand-out from the crowd by crafting a unique message based on your value proposition, China-style.

Maintaining Focus

Focus on your target consumer. Focus on your product’s key differentiator. Focus on the fundamental value of your brand. Stay focused on marketing fundamentals goes a long way, regardless of location.

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How We Can Help

Goal Identification

Are your marketing goals appropriate for the Chinese market? We’ll make sure they are.

Campaign Concepts

Choose a defining theme for your marketing campaign that leads your company to success.

Tools & Channels

Let us pick the right tools and use the right channels to connect with your target customers.

All the Nitty Gritty

A complete plan: customer identification, demographic targeting, competitor analysis, etc. Let us take care of the details.