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You don’t need to know Chinese to be successful in China. You need a marketing partner with a deep knowledge of Chinese language and culture. Effective localization and translation for marketing goes beyond the basics. Whether it’s a website, brochure, or advertisement, words must be carefully chosen to resonate with your target audience as well as align with your marketing strategy and brand identity.

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Localization Vs. Translation

Translation is the process of changing an original language content — website and product text, multimedia, apps, etc. — into your target language by simply substituting words from one language to another. Localization is a specialized process of adapting your content for regional consumption. This goes beyond simple translation. Localization can include non-literal translation to include cultural idioms and styles of speaking as well as catering to the cultural preferences of your target audience.

Simply put, translation conveys the literal meaning, while localization conveys the intended meaning (across geographical and cultural barriers). For entry into any foreign market, you will usually want the latter.
4 Benefits Of Translation & Localization

Increased Market Access

Mandarin is the official language of China. To enter the Chinese market, you must have the proper content to attract the proper customers. Native content pieces will help establish your product and provide much needed credibility for your company.

Competitive Advantage

A recent survey of 3,000 Chinese shoppers found that 60% of US-based products & services have poor Chinese translation that borders on being accidentally humorous. Have you seen funny pictures of poor English translated text? Don’t be the Chinese equivalent.

Improve Your Ranking

Localization of your firm’s web and app content can also optimize your content for Chinese search engines like Baidu. When you localize your website to account for culturally appropriate images, and locally searched for keywords, your ranking will increase.

Avoid Cultural Taboos

You don’t want to make a bad first impression. Proper translation and well-researched localization will keep your firm free of negative headlines. Localization is even more important in a country as large as China, where different regions have varying cultural norms. Better safe than sorry.

How-To Win with Localization

For successful localization and translation, a native speaker is absolutely essential. And while automated translation has come a long way, we believe it’s never OK to use a computerized translation for business purposes. But these days, merely employing a native speaker for translation purpose is also not enough. In the highly competitive Chinese market, you will want professionals, who not only understand the Chinese language and culture, but who also understands the principles of marketing. This is especially true for localization. The fantastic work of an American marketing team can be translated into Chinese by a native speaker to read well and look great. But only a Chinese native with marketing expertise will be able to transform this into a great piece of marketing creative.

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Our team members all have experience marketing in both China and the US. This enables us create effective campaigns across the two markets.


We provide localization services to support your business operations and marketing campaigns. Our global offices ensure timely support.

Localized Content

Creation of new localized content tailored to the Chinese market, either from scratch or based on your existing content.

Localization & Translation

Let us take your existing content and transform them into valuable marketing assets for your China campaign.