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Marketing and Branding define the message you want to express as you enter the Chinese market. A strong Creative team will make sure that your prospective customers hear exactly the message you want to send — nothing more and nothing less.

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Creative & Content Strategy In Detail

Your content strategy will be largely defined by your marketing strategy. And your branding strategy will help to define the unified look and feel of your creative content, whatever form it takes. As you enter the Chinese market you will need to be prepared with creative content unifies by your brand, directed by your marketing strategy, and also customized to the unique content channels you are targeting. Creating strong content is not merely a creative art; it is a also a science. What is successful on YouTube may not be successful on TuDou. And what draws an audience of Weibo may fall flat on Twitter. Every new platform presents new and unique challenges, as well as promising opportunities.

4 Ways Content Can Benefit Your Firm

Establish Yourself as a Brand Leader

You want to position your firm as the leader for whatever product or service you are bringing to China. Your firm should be the place others turn to when they want the most expert advice on your product or service. Strong content that is both compelling and informative can make your brand synonymous with expert knowledge in your field.

Tell Your Story

Everyone loves stories. Whether its in the West or in China, well-crafted stories will promote your brand identity by conveying the unique values and characteristics of your firm in a way that is both compelling and easy to consume. Story content informed by marketing data can also be tuned to attract the attention of your key demographics.

Engage With Your Customers

Interactivity is the new black. Use content that includes a call to action. And it does not always need to be a sales pitch. Interacting with your customers and prospective customers through content can give them a sense of ownership in your brand.

Tell Your Customers’ Stories

Use content to empathize with and to better understand the needs and interests of your customers. Testimonials are great advertisers. And detailed case studies allow you to get in-depth feedback from your most valued customers while simultaneously generating original content you can use to demonstrate the proven value of your firm to others.

Dynamic + Focused = Success


An effective content strategy grabs the attention of new readers and conveys the value of your products and brand, regardless of which content they are reading or where they have found it.

Valuable Information

An effective content strategy also keeps readers coming back. Thus, every piece of content you produce to market your firm should be focused on the unique value of your brand while also offering something new.

A Holistic Approach

The best way to achieve this is to create content that is integrated with a larger marketing strategy and branding campaign, allowing your content team to explore new ideas while keeping the pillars of your marketing strategy in mind.

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How Can We Help

Just for China

All content are developed specifically for the Chinese audience to achieve maximum viral effectiveness.

Across the Spectrum

Be it digital or traditional, we can create engaging and unique content, including web, PPC, print, PR, and more.

Native Content

All content are created by native Chinese speakers who have had experiences living & studying abroad.

Baidu Optimized

To ensure discoverability, all content are optimized for Baidu SEO, based on established official guidelines.