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Your brand is your promise to the customer. Your brand should express the essential value of your firm, product, or service by communicating a key set of characteristics, values, and attributes that customers will associate with you. By closely aligning these with the work you do, you make it easy to keep your brand’s promise to the customer.

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Branding In Detail

Branding is strategic while marketing is tactical. A strong branding strategy remains consistent over multiple marketing campaigns. A Consistent branding strategy will allow you build brand equity. Brand equity will add value to your products and services above and beyond what they would otherwise have. Strong brand equity creates loyal customers — customers who will choose your product over an identical product from a competitor simply because they trust the promise of your brand identity. As a new entrant to the Chinese market, you will in many ways be starting from scratch. This can be a challenge. But it is also a great opportunity to reevaluate your branding strategy. Whether you end up creating a new brand entirely, or tweaking an existing brand, evaluating your brand with the Chinese market in mind will pay dividends later down the road.

4 Factors That Define Your Brand

The company mission

This is your ‘elevator pitch’ for your entire organization. A clear mission statement gives the reader a high-level view of your firm’s products and services while connecting them with the ‘why’ of your company. Why did you start this company? And why are you making a move into the Chinese market?

Benefits of your product

This where you can highlight your products and services. Explain what makes them unique and how the customer can benefit. Most importantly, how you express the value of your offerings should connect directly to your brand and should apply to every one of your offerings.

Managing Perception

Define your starting point. What is the current meaning and value of your brand? If you are just entering the Chinese market, you may be starting with a blank slate. If not, you should make an effort to single out Chinese consumers and see what they think of you.

Rational Association

Set clear goals about what you want for your brand through your entry into the Chinese market. Since Chinese cultural values can differ greatly, it’s important to consider this question carefully. If you can connect your brand to cultural values that are more strongly felt in China, it may be an easier path toward success.

3 Keys To A Successful Brand


Audience Alignment

Successful brands have aligned themselves with the values of their target audience. Before building your brand, take some time to understand who your target consumer is. Understand what turns them on and what turns them off.


Your brand is your firm’s identity. Stand out by being unique. What more is there to say? Competitive analysis can help here, especially for firms new to the Chinese market. Make sure your brand stands out.


Especially when entering a vastly different culture, pay attention to this aspect of your brand. It may be natural to express passion for your work in your native language. But things can get lost in translation. Make sure the passion of your brand is expressed in the right way, using the right words.

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How We Can Help

Brand Assessment

Have an established brand? We can help you understand how it might be perceived in China.

Mission Assessment

What is your mission? If it needs to be adapted for the Chinese audience, we can help.

Brand Design

Let us align your brand with your target customer, while fully representing its passion.

Graphics Suite

Comprehensive adaptation of your brand assets for the Chinese market.