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Baidu SEO


Baidu is China’s most popular search engine with 80% total market share, handling over 3.3 billion queries each day. “Baidu” (百度) comes from a Song Dynasty poem where the term is used to describe “a persistent search for the ideal.” Like SEO for Google, maximizing your firm’s prominence on Baidu demands expert attention.

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Baidu SEO In Detail

The Chinese internet currently is a vibrant and diverse network of creative activity. Like other more technical aspects of Chinese SEO, it is an ever-evolving center of opportunity. Like Google SEO, optimizing for Baidu entails creating large quantities of high quality content while fulfilling Baidu-specific technical SEO requirements and additionally building a massive volume of links. Firms new to the Chinese market must also be careful to conform their content to Chinese censorship laws. Chinese consumers and business owners are as web-savvy as any audience in the West. And the Baidu ecosystem is full of cutting edge developments on content format, functionality, and integration.

4 Steps To A Strong Baidu SEO Campaign

Keyword Research

Do you know what keywords people are using to search for the products and services you offer? You may be surprised to learn what search terms are used to find you on Google. When you move to the Chinese language, it becomes that much more complex, and that much more important to understand your keywords and get them right.

Content Quality

For SEO, quality is the difference between using your keywords over and over again and creating diverse and informative content for your readers. Understand your readers and use your content channels to answer their questions. Baidu offers a number of services you can use to checkup on your website’s health in terms of accessibility and trustworthiness. Use these tools!

Baidu Accessibility

Like Google, Baiduspider, Baidu’s indexing bot, must be able to ‘crawl’ your website in order to index your content. Make sure you have an SEO pro examine your pages and tune them for high ‘crawlability’ or you will be shooting yourself in the foot. (Hint: search engines like text.)

Link Building

You don’t just want many websites linking to yours. You want quality links. This can be especially difficult for an individual or company that does not know the Chinese market. However, if you are already doing the work of understanding your audience as part of a larger marketing strategy, you should have an easier time knowing what websites they frequently visit. And those websites are where you want your quality links to come from.

3 Key Baidu Platforms


Also known as the ‘Baidu Encyclopedia’, this is China’s version of Wikipedia. Baidu prominently displays Baike pages as search results. As Baike is growing quickly, there are many brand- and product-related opportunities to be explored.


Also known as ‘Baidu Knows’, this is a massive Q&A platform that functions like Yahoo Answers, allowing users to participate in a vast range of topics covering everything from chemistry to gardening. Zhidao can be a powerful SEO tool if leveraged with understanding and subtlety.


Also known as the ‘Post Bar’, this is a keyword-based discussion forum where users can follow specific “Bars” (吧) that serve as a Reddit-like discussion space. Tieba represents another opportunity to include your brand in organic discussions among members of your target demographic as well as media influencers.

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How Can We Help

Keyword Research

The Shoo-In approach in 3 steps: segment your target customers into actionable groups, conduct keyword research to identify their purchase behaviors, and discover long-tail opportunities.

On-Page Optimization

Optimize your existing content to improve Baidu SERPs. Create new content to help your Chinese audience get to know your product via content marketing.

Off-Page Optimization

The proper way to incorporate off-page techniques – such as link building, PR initiatives, guest posts, social signals – into your overall Baidu SEO strategy.

Monitoring & Reporting

Unlike Google, Baidu has yet to finalize many of its core features. We can help monitor the SEO status of your online presence to make sure it is ranking properly.