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Baidu PPC Advertising


Baidu is without a doubt the most popular search engine in China. It has a range of products that you can use for Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, including Keyword Search and Display Ad Network as well as the Brand Zone, a unique Baidu product that offerings a company introduction and tailored content based on your brand’s specific keywords.

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Baidu PPC Advertising In Detail

In China, as in every other internet-connected country, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising simply can’t be ignored. Baidu is the Google of China, and Baidu’s PPC offerings operate on the both the front and back end much like Google AdWords. And like AdWords, an effective Baidu PPC advertising strategy requires an understanding of the science of creating paid advertisements. It requires thorough keyword and demographic research, strategic bidding, and compelling ad copy to get someone to click. And, like every other part of your Chinese marketing strategy, you cannot simply simply translate your AdWords campaign into Baidu and expect it to work. Localization and integration with your greater strategy is a must.

3 Keys To A Strong PPC Campaign

Be Active

PPC Campaigns generate a lot of data. If you are not checking in on this data every day then you are missing out. Ongoing refinements allow you to get the most out of every scent in your PPC budget.

Be Specific

It may take some work, especially if you’re running a campaign in a foreign language. But taking the time to identify more specific keywords will allow you save money (specific keywords are cheaper) while targeting exactly the audience that is most likely to want what you are selling.

Be Relevant

Highly relevant ads receive the highest clickthrough rates. So always ask yourself, ‘Is this relevant to my audience?’ If you keep this in mind as you craft your PPC campaign, your chances of success will improve.

Bonus: Be Chinese

The speed of Chinese internet content is very fast. This means don't afraid to use the latest internet lingo to attract your potential customers. In a highly competitive environment, standing out is the key.

3 Baidu PPC Products To Know


Keyword Search

This is akin to Google’s AdWords search engine marketing platform. Bid on the keywords you would like to target and pay Baidu whenever your ads are displayed and clicked.

Display Ad Network

Baidu’s network of over 600,000 websites consists of the largest display network in China (akin to Google’s display network). The service enables customer re-marketing via floating ads and interactive ads to engage potential customers, as well as a variety of partner-specific options to customize your messaging to your audience.

Baidu Brand Zone

The Brand Zone is a premium service for firms that to maximize their exposure. Baidu charges a fixed price to place an eye-catching brand logo along with other information about your firm prominently on each page. While it’s expensive, the Brand Zone boasts average click through rates of 50%.

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How Can We Help

Getting Started

Let us take care of the logistics in setting up an account for international companies (e.g. signing-up, getting a Chinese cell phone, data verification, bank account registration, etc.).

Account Structuring

Developing the basics for your account for your first campaign: keyword research, ad group & campaign creation, linking landing pages, and monitoring campaigns.

Budget Optimization

We will make sure you are getting the most for your PPC budget: keyword filtering, negative responses, A/B testing, long-tail targeting, and more.

Content Creation

Tailored based on modern Chinese sensibilities, we can create engaging and effective ad campaigns that broadcast your message to your target customers.